haru - the daily look

We offer sophisticated Korean jewelry that fits into every woman’s daily fashion needs that are affordable, minimalist, and stylish.

the beginning

haru” comes from the Korean word meaning “daily”. haru started from the simple idea of bringing together sophisticated and affordable jewelry that can be a part of every woman’s “daily look” or “everyday fashion”.

Our minimalist jewelry is crafted using a high quality plating technique that is exclusive to South Korea. South Korea, known as the country of “fast fashion”, has become the new fashion capital of the world. This advanced processing method guarantees the quality and fashionability of our accessories, without compromising on the price.

haru - the daily look

We are based in Kirkland, WA. The owner, Lena Park, is a Korean native who has been living in the Pacific Northwest for 8 years. She brings her passion and enthusiasm for business and jewelry. Co-owner, Kathy Saephanh, is an Seattle native who enjoys contributing her creativity and expertise in business.

Lena and Kathy understand the importance of supporting organizations dedicated to nurturing and empowering women and immigrants in the community. We strive to support these organizations by donating a portion of our proceeds to encourage the growth of their agenda.

All women can look beautiful with a touch of our minimalistic and affordable jewelries.